Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blackouts and Shout-outs

"Godard says 24 frames a minute, or is it a second? It's a second, isn't it?"

"It's video man. Video is the future."

"Put this on."

Images from The Blackout (Ferrara, 1997), Prénom Carmen (Godard, 1983), Numéro Deux (Godard, 1975), Contempt (Godard, 1963)


Sam Juliano said...

Drew this is an interesting lot, all united by the thematic headliners you attach to these jarring images. CONTEMPT is one Godard film I hold in the highest esteem, and in fact also found NUMERO DEUX most memorable. I have vague recollections of the Ferrara film.

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks a lot for the comment, Sam. Also, I've just in the last couple of days finally caught up with your Film Socialisme post over @ WitD and the epic comments section, and I haven't had time to make a post yet, but I'll go do that now. It's been some fascinating reading.

Ed Howard said...

Man do I love that scene in First Name: Carmen. The Tom Waits song, the video static, just gorgeous. Great images, Drew, I especially love the link from that TV screen to the multiple frames-within-the-frame of Numero Deux.

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks, Ed. I am of course aware of your love for both First Name: Carmen and the wonderful Ruby's Arms scene it contains. I remember your 'Films I Love' entry on that particular Godard sending me off to watch it, and though I didn't warm to it at first, I now consider it, as you do, one of his most beautiful films.

In any event, I highly recommend the Ferrara if you've not yet seen it. Pretty stunning stuff.