Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scenes From A Career #6 - The Mystery and Magic of Jacques Rivette



Joel Bocko said...

Great images from a great director. Out of curiosity, how'd you get screen-caps for some of these? Torrents, multiregion DVDs, or other means? The relationship of quality to availability is more strikingly distorted with Rivette than almost any other filmmaker I can think of (particularly in the U.S., not sure where you hail from...)

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks for the comment MovieMan! I am indeed here in the states, and I own most of the Rivette's that have been released in R1 (at least the ones through Koch-Lorber and SPC). The other ones I've downloaded online. Incidentally, my (arguably) favorite Rivette work, Out 1: Noli me tangere, was left off here simply because the only copy available is just so crummy in quality. And of course a watchable version of L'amour fou has finally popped up online recently, but without English subtitles I've yet to watch that lauded entry in the Rivette canon.

It's a shame that one has to go to such means to get reasonably quality copies of these masterpieces. I agree that Rivette is a great director, one of my favorites in fact, and I rarely ever walk away from one of his movies without a handful of images permanently burned into my brain.