Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Sacrifice Blu-ray Giveaway / Screencap Contest (UPDATED)

(Updated 1/10/12: I've gone ahead and listed the actual movie title that the screencaps are from below. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give away the blu-ray, because I didn't receive a single entry! I guess either twenty caps was a bit too unwieldy of a number, or maybe they weren't quite as easy as I thought many of them were. Probably both? Either way, I'll try and think of a different, better way to give the movie away.)

I was recently fortunate enough to come into possession of an extra copy of Andrei Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice on Blu-ray, released by Kino International. It's one of my very favorite movies, and Kino has done an excellent job with this release, and I would like to give it away on this blog to someone. It is brand new and factory sealed. Below, I have posted twenty anonymous screencaps from twenty different movies. To win, all you need to do is be the person who correctly identifies the most screencaps by the title of the movie. A few things:

1) Right now, I can unfortunately only afford to ship the disc to someone living in the continental U.S. So please only participate if this applies to you.

2) All entries should be sent to my email address: Please do not post your picks in the comments section of this post. The subject line of your email should say CONTEST, and along with your twenty guesses in order (only the movie title is necessary), it should include your full name, as well as your state. Please do not send me your address. I will be in contact with the winner after they've been determined to work out shipping arrangements. Only one entry per person please!

3) The deadline to submit your picks by is 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, January 8th. I will post the winner, along with the correct answers to all 20 movies, sometime on Monday.

4) Be sure to include the tiebreaker with your picks. The tiebreaker is listed below the twentieth screenshot. If there are two or more who are tied for the highest number of correct guesses, this will be used to determine the winner.

Here are the twenty screencaps:

Screencap #1
(Strangers on a Train)

Screencap #2

Screencap #3

Screencap #4
(Rebel Without a Cause)

Screencap #5
(Man with a Movie Camera)

Screencap #6
(Helas pour moi)

Screencap #7
(The Ox-Bow Incident)

Screencap #8
(The Yards)

Screencap #9
(Ivan's Childhood)

Screencap #10

Screencap #11
(Park Row)

Screencap #12
(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Screencap #13
(Minnie & Moskowitz)

Screencap #14
(Window Water Baby Moving)

Screencap #15

Screencap #16
(A.I. Artificial Intelligence)

Screencap #17
(Vengeance is Mine)

Screencap #18

Screencap #19
(Ghost in the Shell)

Screencap #20
(Les bones femmes)

Tiebreaker question: I have used a random number generator to select a number between 1 and 1986 (the year Tarkovsky died). Guess this number. In the event that two or more people tie for the most correctly guessed screencaps, then the person who comes closest to guessing the random number will win.

If you have any additional questions or comments about the contest, or anything, you can feel free to either leave them in the comments, or send me an email. Good luck!


Sam Juliano said...

I got to this too late, but I would be resistent to accepting such a fantastic gift from you my friend. Anyway, I would have gotten a good number of these, but would wager somone here has hit a home run.

Great contribution to the blogging community! And a Tarkovsky masterwork!

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks, Sam. No one sent in an entry! I think perhaps twenty caps were too many. I made an effort to largely keep them very guessable and not too esoteric, but my judgement may have been off on that front, too.

Ed Howard said...

Ha! I starting putting together an entry and would have gotten only like 6 or 7, but I figured that was way too few to win. I don't have a Bluray player yet anyway.

I knew that Godard one looked very familiar but couldn't figure it out at all.

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ed. I imagine that others had a similar thought process to yours. Oh well. I'll find a much simpler way to give it away, maybe just have people send in their names and do a drawing or something.

David said...

The giveaway is fantastic.I have been participating this kind of game for the last 2 years,but it is purely for fun and totally free,if no one knows the answer,we add another easier screencap.

David said...

Oh,BTW,you load too many images on your homepage,which made the page load very slowly and very hard to scroll down.

Pls allow me to add your blog to my blogroll,I like it!!

Drew McIntosh said...

David, thanks a lot for the comments, and for adding me to your blogroll. I've returned the favor!

I apologize for the slow loading time. I do post a lot of screenshots and images here. I've recently reduced the amount of posts that show up on the front page to hopefully mitigate that a bit.