Friday, May 13, 2011


Images from Hotel (Jessica Hausner) and Twin Peaks (David Lynch/Mark Frost)


Sam Juliano said...

And certainly in keeping with the intended mood of this Friday the 13th post, Drew! Ha! As always good taste in the choices and a cogent thematic connection.

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sam! I just watched the Hausner the other day (which is really good and which you really should see if you haven't, with how much you loved Lourdes and all), and its visual affinities with Twin Peaks run aplenty. I posted these three examples only because they are the most striking, but I easily could have done more.

The sparse story in Hotel also bears some striking similarities to aspects of Peaks dark & mysterious mythologies. It's pretty clearly heavily influenced by Lynch's brilliant show, but stands on its own right quite impressively, I must say.