Sunday, September 26, 2010

From Bergman to Bokanowski to Brother Justin

top: Bergman's The Seventh Seal
bottom: Bokanowski's L'Ange


top: Bokanowski's L'Ange
bottom: HBO's Carnivale


Peter Lenihan said...

Great stuff, makes me want to dust off my Carnivale DVD's. Drew, Im kind of surprised you didn't like Distant Voices more, it's one of my favorite movies.

Drew McIntosh said...

Thanks a lot, Peter.

You know, I admired the heck out of Distant Voices, and in particular found the first half to be pretty remarkable. I'm not sure I was expecting something so searingly powerful when I sat down to watch it, and I think I was caught a bit off guard by it and was in, I don't know, maybe not the best head space to take everything in properly. Something I can't put my finger on happened in the second half and I lost an emotional connection, and everything finally just felt slightly uneven for me, though of course Davies' level of artistry here is not up for debate.

I don't know, the stars thing is kind of goofy I guess. For whatever reason I gave this three and a half stars, but it definitely resonated with me more than stuff I gave a higher rating to (i.e. Inception). It's one I definitely plan on revisiting sometime, and I wouldn't be shocked if it blew me away. You're one among many I know who hold it in the highest regard.

Sam Juliano said...

The Bergman shot is a great way to begin any parade of images Drew, but I must say I am unfamiliar with Bokanowski. This are ravishing shots. I'll admit I'm a huge fan of DISTANT VOICES (and virtually allof Davies's work as well) but I like the way you convey your personal reaction there.

Drew McIntosh said...

Sam, Bokanowski is one of my favorite recent discoveries. His stuff lies mainly in the experimental/animation corner, and can be a bit difficult to find, but is staggering in its originality and creativity. There is a fair chance that this will not be the last time I post something from his stuff.