Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scenes From A Career #7 - Jim Jarmusch



J.D. said...

Very nice collection of screengrabs from Jarmusch's films. I've been a fan of his stuff ever since DOWN BY LAW and I haven't missed one of his since. He is such a distinctive filmmaker as a film like DEAD MAN amply demonstrates and your examples really demonstrate that.

Drew said...

Thanks J.D.! Jarmusch is one who it actually took me awhile to warm up to, but these days I'm right there with you, and am always anxious for his next project.

moviesandsongs365 said...

"Ghost dog" , followed by "Coffee and Cigarettes" are my 2 favourites by Jarmusch. And the first half of "Night on Earth" I liked.
Broken flowers was good without being great to me. Other than that, I find his style a little tedious. Dead man, mystery train, & strangers in paradise were dull, I thought.

I'm guessing the shot with the radio is from either ghost dog or night on earth, or it could even be from broken flowers. I love the way he uses music in cars ( :